Living at Housr is safe and secure even more so in the times of COVID19. We’ve put in place multiple measures to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and comfort for our residents.

Health, Hygiene and Happiness

While the need of the hour is to be socially distant, we strongly believe that human connections are important, especially in these times. Hence, we’ve moved our community events online, so nobody at Housr is ever bored or lonely. The residents can now interact with other Housr members online, take online fitness classes and also attend personalised mental health counselling sessions.

To maintain social distance, residents are temporarily not allowed access to the Hangout Lounge, Gym, and the Yoga Room.

Keeping it 5X clean

Our Housekeeping staff is now doing no-contact cleaning. All staff have been trained for COVID19 measures and wear professional-grade masks and gloves. All common spaces like the reception and lifts are sanitized every few hours. For extra safety, government recommended fumigation is carried out on a weekly basis. All Housr staff stays at the Housr property. Movement of all on-ground staff is restricted to Housr campus to ensure a controlled environment for our residents

All Housr staff stays at the Housr property. Movement of all on-ground staff is restricted to Housr campus to ensure a controlled environment for our residents.

Extra security, for extra peace of mind

We’ve limited the entry to Housr, and no guests are allowed inside Housr. It is now mandatory for all security staff to wear masks and gloves at all times.
Security guards have been provided with electronic thermometers to check the temperatures of all residents and staff who come back after stepping out to get essentials/groceries.
Food and essentials delivery staff are checked for temperature before they are allowed in the property. Delivery staff is only allowed till the delivery kiosk outside the Housr reception from where the residents can pick up their orders after a safe amount of time has passed.

Cafeteria and food:

We understand that Work from Home doesn’t leave much time for cooking. Hence, we’ve launched a tiffin system for our residents. We lovingly call this system FoodCase. Each resident gets a personalised FoodCase which comes with their name tag and can be used only by them. Residents can collect their FoodCase from the cafeteria and have it in the safety of their flats to maintain social distance.

All Housr FnB staff have gone through stringent COVID19 preparedness training and wear masks gloves at all times. All cafeteria surfaces are disinfected multiple times a day. Food is now being cooked at our cloud kitchen under strict hygiene protocols. Preparation of non-vegetarian food has been temporarily put on hold.

Resident health

Sanitizers have been placed across the property for resident use. After all, clean hands mean good health. Residents are encouraged to maintain social distance and a gathering of more than 4 residents in common areas like the reception, lifts and cafeteria is not allowed.

There’s a doctor-on-call to answer any questions that the residents might have. We’re also now providing complimentary health insurance against COVID19. We’ve created a special quarantine apartment. If any resident is feeling a bit under the weather, they can request for accommodation in the quarantine apartment. Food and medicines are delivered to unwell residents in the quarantine apartment.