We begin by owning living spaces. And when we own them, we own the whole building, not just scattered flats here and there. Once we have the building, we convert it to this really interesting space that you’d actually want to come home to. We host fun stuff like gaming nights, food evenings, stand-up comedy night and a whole lot more. We bring global standards of hospitality and designs to rental accommodations while at the same time providing a mega co-living experience.

Your own super app for super convenient living

The Housr App is a wonderful, nifty thing. From connecting you to other members of Housr, to telling you what the breakfast menu is, to informing about the event that’s on for the day. You can also look at the App to avail partnership discounts, pay rentals or clear electrical dues. And if you face any issue, all you have to do is put in a request on the App, and we’ll have you sorted in a jiffy.

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Partners to make your life hassle-free

Living at Housr gives you access to exclusive discounts and offers with our partner companies. Whether it’s ride-hailing, food delivery, merchandise, salon and grooming services, restaurants and pubs, Housr residents get offers that are exclusively created keeping their needs in mind.

You're in safe hands

Biometric ins and outs, facial recognition, 24x7 concierge, guards and wardens in each building are some of the things that make Housr a safe place to live at. Separate floors for women and men allow you to choose a space where you feel most secure. All our apartments come installed with smart locks that can only be opened via the Housr App for added security. We also have a Wonder Woman, who’s a dedicated security personnel stationed every night at each Housr to keep the women living at Housr feel really safe.

There for you always

Housr believes in a strong sense of community and that means being there for your clan whenever needed. Each Housr resident can access the SOS feature on their app. When you use this feature, an emergency call goes to the Housr team who will ensure that somebody reaches to help you whether you are at the property or somewhere around in the same city.

Make it happen, together


As cities expand, spaces to live in become smaller. Which is why some of the biggest cities in the world have exorbitant rents for even the smallest of spaces. Co-living solves this problem by providing high-quality accommodations with interesting amenities, at reasonable rates. And to top it all, you’re living with people you genuinely want to come back home to and share a drink with.

Experience it with people like you

Communities are all about experiences. At Housr, we bring alive experiences that bring people closer. So you don’t come back home to a neighbour. You come home to a friend.

Be who you want to be

We love diversity. So come as you are, whoever you are. What you eat, who you love and who you worship doesn’t matter to us. At Housr, no judgements are passed. As Housr buildings host hundreds of residents, chances are you will find people who are just like you.