Housr - Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn

  • Refer 1 friend and get 
    4,000 Housr Credits*

  • Refer 2 friends and get 10,000 Housr Credits*

  • Refer 3 or more friends and get 5,000 Housr Credits* for every referral

Hurry! Offer valid till 25th Nov. 2021

*Housr Credits aren't equal to INR

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. A referral is only considered successful once the referred user pays the first month’s rent.

  • 2. The Referral offer can be redeemed by a Housr resident only on his/her next month’s rent. For instance, if the referral becomes successful in November, the Housr resident can redeem the referral discount on December’s rent.

  • 3. The referral offer will be considered null if the referral moves out within 3 months from the date of moves in. For instance, if the referred friend moves in on 1st November, and chooses to move out of Housr before 1st February, the discounted amount will be deducted from the Housr resident's security deposit.

  • 4. If a Housr resident refers one person successfully, he/she gets a Rs. 5000 cash discount. The cash discount will get adjusted in the upcoming rent payments. If a Housr resident refers one or more people successfully, he/she gets Rs. 5,000 cash per successful referral, that’ll be adjusted in their upcoming rent payments.

  • 5. The referral discount can be redeemed ₹ 5000 per month. For instance, if the Housr resident has 3 successful referrals in November, he/she will be eligible for a ₹ 15,000 referral discount, that can be redeemed ₹ 5000 each in December, January & February respectively. 

  • 6. Only residents registered with Housr can refer.

  • 7. Housr resident can avail the offer of his/her choice via the mail sent to the user once his/her referral becomes successful or by talking to his/her KAM or the Community Manager.

  • 8. The referred user gets a Rs. 5000 cash discount. He/she gets Rs. 2000 off on 1st & 2nd month rent and gets Rs. 1000 off on 3rd month rent. From the 4th month the referred user will have to pay the full rent amount.

  • 9. Housr reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for the Refer and Earn program at its discretion.