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5 Reasons that Make Gachibowli the Best Residential Hub in Hyderabad

May 29, 2024


5 Reasons that Make Gachibowli the Perfect Destination for Coliving


If you are moving to Hyderabad, you must have heard about the city’s popular localities, including Kondapur, Gowlidoddy, and Gachibowli. These locales are among the most coveted destinations in Hyderabad and offer some of the city’s finest accommodations, including luxury coliving spaces. Notably, Gachibowli’s allure lies not only in its opulent offerings but also in its strategic positioning and seamless connectivity to major corporate hubs, making it an unparalleled choice for corporate professionals.


In this blog, we’ll list the factors that make Gachibowli the ideal location for coliving in Hyderabad and how it’s an excellent choice for working professionals. So, let’s dive right in!


5 Reasons Why Gachibowli is the Prime Residential Hub for Working Professionals:


  1. Proximity to Major Corporate Hubs

Professionals prefer living close to their workplace as it helps them save considerable time on commutes and maintain a work-life balance. Your office being near your accommodation leaves ample time for leisurely activities like a morning walk or a fun game night with friends. You can get up in the morning and make a delicious breakfast while listening to your favourite playlist!


Gachibowli offers excellent connectivity to nearby corporate offices, including Wipro, Infosys, Deloitte, Microsoft, Genpact, Cognizant, etc. The neighbourhood has several upscale accommodations, including luxury coliving spaces that make daily commutes hassle-free and work-life balance a reality.


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  1. Developed Infrastructure & Facilities

Gachibowli’s robust infrastructure has also contributed to its popularity as a coliving destination. Whether it’s healthcare facilities or shopping malls, the region is well-connected to key city locations. It also offers excellent connectivity to nearby localities, including Manikonda, Narsingi, Kokapet, Nanakramguda, and the Financial District.


  1. Recreational Spots for Work-Life Balance

In the pursuit of a harmonious work-life balance, professionals seek localities that offer leisure opportunities. When it comes to shopping, Gachibowli is one of the liveliest places in Hyderabad, with various malls like Sarath City Capital Mall, CENTRAL, and Inorbit Mall Cyberabad. Whether you want to update your wardrobe or decorate your room, these places are perfect for anything on your weekend shopping list.


If you’re a nature lover and prefer an evening stroll, the locale gives you access to green spaces, such as GHMC Park, Sri Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Garden, etc. Additionally, you get to enjoy delicious food at famous eateries like the Old Madras Baking Company, Cafe De Loco, the Glass Onion, and more.


  1. Diverse Accommodation Options

Another reason Gachibowli is a premium residential hub is the diverse range of accommodations, including solo rooms, twin-sharing rooms, serviced apartments, studio apartments, etc. Housr 43 DLF Gachibowli, an exquisite Housr property, offers residents fully furnished twin-sharing and solo rooms with world-class amenities. Unlike traditional flats, modern luxury apartments and co-living spaces in Gachibowli offer a hassle-free lifestyle.


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  1. Vibrant Social Life & Community Events

Offering engaging weekly community events and activities, coliving in Gachibowli is all about fun and entertainment. From match screenings and open mics to karaoke nights and paintball events, Gachibowli is the perfect place to try out new things and participate in unique events.


Community events distinguish luxury flats from traditional accommodations in Hyderabad. These events are thoughtfully planned by a community manager, keeping the tastes and preferences of residents in mind. Gachibowli, being a coveted locale, offers the chance to participate in dynamic community events that may not be available in other neighbourhoods.


Within coliving spaces, particularly those designed by Housr, residents stay informed about upcoming events through the ‘Housr App’. These gatherings give residents a welcome reprieve from their demanding schedules, offering a valuable opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Exciting, isn’t it?


To summarise, diverse accommodations, well-developed infrastructure, connectivity, and access to recreational spots and community events have made Gachibowli a popular co-living destination. For people seeking a premium luxury living experience, Housr offers elegantly designed co-living flats and luxury apartments with all-inclusive amenities. The access to weekly community events makes Housr Coliving perfect for working professionals seeking a balance between work and leisure. So, pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable journey as you indulge in the distinctive charm of Gachibowli, a gem nestled within Hyderabad’s vibrant landscape!


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