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A Personal and Professional Guide to Top 10 Companies and Coliving in Koramangala

May 23, 2024


A Spotlight on the Top 10 Companies in Koramangala: Exploring Career Opportunities and Coliving in Koramangala


Koramangala, one of Bangalore’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, has emerged as a bustling corporate hub, home to many dynamic companies catering to diverse industries. This locality is not just a hotspot for startups and established firms but also a magnet for millennials seeking exciting career opportunities. With its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and vibrant cultural scene, Koramangala offers a perfect blend of work and lifestyle, making it an ideal destination for young professionals.


Besides being the perfect abode for career growth, Koramangala also offers excellent living options, which are strategically located near these corporate hubs. For millennials who are prioritising convenience and community, coliving in Koramangala has become an increasingly popular choice. These coliving spaces in Koramangala provide fully furnished accommodations, premium amenities, and a sense of community, making them ideal for young professionals.


As you explore the corporate opportunities in Koramangala, you’ll also find coliving options, which ensure you live comfortably and enhance your overall Bangalore experience.


Let’s delve into the top 10 companies in Koramangala:


  • Flipkart

Industry: E-commerce

Location: WJJG+XXV, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Founded: 2007


Starting with two former Amazon employees, Flipkart revolutionised online shopping in India and played a pivotal role in shaping the country’s e-commerce landscape. The organisation offers opportunities to contribute to the evolution of digital retail and shape the future of e-commerce.


  • Swiggy

Industry: Food Delivery

Location: Sarjapur Main Road, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

Founded: 2014


India’s leading food delivery platform, Swiggy, traces its origins back to Koramangala. With its user-friendly app and prompt service, Swiggy has become synonymous with convenience and choice in the food delivery space. It allows employees to be part of a fast-paced industry that’s reshaping the way people dine, with avenues for growth and innovation in technology-driven food delivery solutions.


  • McAfee

Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: Embassy Golf Link Business Park Pine Valley, 2nd Floor, Off Indiranagar Int.Ring Road, Koramangala

Founded: 1987


McAfee is one of the world’s first and most popular anti-virus companies. Its presence in Koramangala underscores the locality’s status as a hub of technological innovation. It allows millennials to work in a dynamic industry at the forefront of defending against cyber threats, with avenues for learning and contributing to securing organisations and individuals worldwide.


  • Myntra

Industry: Fashion E-commerce

Location:  7th Main 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block Koramangala Industrial Layout

Founded: 2007


Myntra, India’s leading fashion e-commerce platform founded in Koramangala, has redefined fashion retailing with its vast selection of clothing, accessories, and footwear. Myntra has redefined fashion retailing in India with its innovative offerings and seamless shopping experience.


  • Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Industry: Engineering and Technology

Location:  No. 123, Industrial Layout, Hosur Road, Koramangala

Founded: 1997


Known for its expertise in automotive technology, software solutions, and engineering services, Bosch plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and excellence in the industry. Joining Bosch offers millennials the opportunity to work in a globally renowned organisation at the forefront of technological innovation, with avenues for professional growth and contributing to shaping the future of mobility and smart technologies.


  • Accel Partners

Industry: Venture Capital

Location: 886/A, Confident Electra, 17th E Main Rd, opposite to Koramangala Club, 6th Block, Koramangala

Founded: 1983


Accel Partners, a global venture capital firm, focuses on investing in early-stage startups and technology companies. It provides the opportunity to be part of a dynamic industry that’s driving innovation and entrepreneurship, with avenues for learning from seasoned investors.


  • Zomato

Industry: Food Delivery

Location:  5, 20th Main Rd, KHB Colony, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala

Founded: 2008


With its extensive restaurant listings and user reviews, Zomato is one of India’s largest food delivery and restaurant discovery platforms in India. From adoring its captivating campaigns to working for one, it provides a platform for creativity and driving meaningful change in the culinary landscape.


  • McAfee

Industry: Cybersecurity

Location: 7th Floor, Spaces Fairway, Intermediate Ring Rd, Embassy Golf Links Business Park

Founded: 1987


McAfee is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions. Known for its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive security offerings, it helps businesses and individuals stay protected against cyber threats in an increasingly digital world. Experience a fast-paced industry at the forefront of cybersecurity, with avenues for learning about emerging threats and contributing to protecting organisations and individuals from cyber attacks.


  • Toshiba

Industry: Electronics and Technology

Location: No.3-A, Essae, Vaishnavi Solitaire, 3rd Block, Koramangala

Founded: 1875


In the heart of Koramangala lies the Indian stronghold of one of Japan’s tech titans – Toshiba. From groundbreaking advancements in semiconductors to cutting-edge solutions in energy and infrastructure, Toshiba’s footprint in Koramangala is a testament to the locality’s stature as a global tech hub.


  • HackerEarth

Industry: Technology and Recruitment

Location: 2nd floor, SJR Primus, 20th Main Rd, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala

Founded: 2012


HackerEarth – a playground for coders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts. It has carved a niche in the tech recruitment space, leveraging the power of coding challenges and hackathons to connect top talent with leading companies. With its roots firmly planted in Koramangala’s fertile soil of innovation, HackerEarth embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity that defines Bangalore’s startup ecosystem.


These are just a handful of the many companies that call Koramangala home. From tech startups to e-commerce giants, Koramangala continues to be a thriving hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting talent worldwide.


Housr: The Future of Living


Housr has evolved as the leading luxury rental provider with time, offering unparalleled living experiences. With an acute understanding of the quest for the ideal abode in this dynamic city, Housr Coliving sets the benchmark for modern coliving in Koramangala. From chic studios to vibrant shared spaces, Housr curates a diverse range of accommodations tailored to the needs and preferences of working professionals. Discover the epitome of coliving spaces in Koramangala with Housr, where luxury meets convenience, and community thrives.


Housr Coliving koramanagala


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At Housr, you get more than just a furnished space! At Housr Coliving, you gain exclusive access to community events, top-tier amenities and services like daily professional housekeeping, laundry at the doorstep, healthy gourmet meals, high-speed WiFi, 3-tier security, and 24/7 assistance from our IHM-trained resident managers.


Apart from comfort, Housr is known best for providing convenience at the fingertips. The property is located near the city’s top attractions, like the Koramangala Club, Koramangala Indoor Stadium Park, Wipro Park, BDA Complex, Sony World, Life Care Hospital (LCH), and more!


Experience luxury living at its finest at coliving spaces in Koramangala:


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