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Beat Gurgaon’s Heat: The Housr Edition

Jun 13, 2024


Beat Gurgaon’s Heat: The Housr Edition

Gurgaon, the dynamic hub of multinational companies and corporate dreams, is synonymous with a vibrant lifestyle and unfortunately, with scorching summers. The city’s relentless heat makes even the thought of stepping out daunting. And, with increased traffic and hill stations becoming crowded on weekends, escaping to these peaceful spots is more challenging than it used to be.


But fret not—we have the perfect weekend activities near your coliving spaces in Gurgaon to keep you cool and entertained while staying within the city.


Welcome to your ultimate guide to beating the Gurgaon heat, Housr style!


  1. Glide Into Bliss at Snow Park


When the sun turns relentless, it’s time to head to a winter wonderland. The Snow Park offers a refreshing escape from the blazing summer. For a unique blend of fun and coolness, visit iSKATE at Ambience Mall, located a short distance from Housr’s coliving spaces in Gurgaon. This indoor ice skating rink provides a surreal experience of gliding on ice, far away from the sweltering heat outside.


After skating, you can unwind at the nearby cafe with a refreshing beverage, making it a perfect outing to beat the heat. It’s the ideal spot for families and friends to cool down and have fun, no matter the temperature outside.


  1. Get Some Retail Therapy at The Vault by 32nd


If you’re looking for a break from Gurgaon’s crowded malls, you must visit The Vault by 32nd. With a wide range of products, services, and workshops, The Vault caters to the varied interests of discerning individuals, ensuring a truly unique experience. Indulge in various gourmet delights, sip on cool mocktails, and enjoy live music performances. It’s chic ambiance and stylish interiors provide a serene escape from the blazing sun, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely weekend.


  1. It’s the Perfect Weather to Explore Book Cafes and Ice-Cream Parlours


Summer heat can often sap your appetite, making it difficult to enjoy heavy meals. However, indulging in seasonal fruits and refreshing treats is essential to stay hydrated and energised. While it’s natural to crave light and cooling options during this season, Gurgaon offers some delightful spots perfect for summer indulgence. Here are a few book cafes and ice cream parlours to explore:


Big Chill stands out with its retro décor and delectable summer dishes, making it a haven for foodies. On the other hand, Frozen Fun is a charming ice cream parlour offering a delightful range of frozen treats with straight-up Birdgerton vibes. From classic cones to innovative sundaes, it provides a sweet retreat from the scorching temperatures. Both venues are ideal destinations for those exploring cool and refreshing foods in a welcoming ambience.


Even when it’s melting outside, Another Fine Day Cafe & Reading Room offers a perfect escape for book lovers. This beautiful, cosy cafe, conveniently located near coliving properties in Gurgaon, is an ideal retreat for residents seeking a relaxing break. Spend a lazy afternoon with a captivating book and a refreshing iced coffee, and let the serene environment transport you to a different world. Here, you can forget about your troubles for a few hours, immersing yourself in literary indulgence and delightful summer treats.


  1. A Relaxing Day At The Spa


The summer heat not only affects your physical well-being but also your mood, often leading to exhaustion and fatigue. However, a spa day offers the perfect remedy to combat these effects, providing a sanctuary to rejuvenate and refresh. Indulge in a day of pampering with aromatherapy, soothing massages, and revitalising treatments. At Blue Terra Spa in Supermart 1, you’ll find various services designed to help you relax.


And here’s a bonus: it’s just a few kilometres away from Housr’s coliving spaces in Gurgaon, making it a convenient choice for residents seeking to escape the heat and unwind in luxury.


  1. Last but Not the Least, Always Stay Hydrated


While enjoying these activities, remember that staying hydrated is crucial. It helps combat the heat and maintains your energy levels, ensuring you can fully enjoy your summer activities, whether you’re exploring the city or relaxing in the comfort of your coliving space in Gurgaon.


To Conclude,

At Housr Coliving, we ensure you’re provided everything you need, regardless of the weather. While staying indoors, you can easily find comfort in Housr’s amenities. With 24/7 power backup, you don’t need to worry about power cuts during summer. Our coliving spaces in Gurgaon ensure a selection of gourmet meals with refreshing fruits and vegetables that help you relish the best of the season.


Even if you miss the fun of stepping out, you can enjoy Housr’s indoor activities in the breakout zones or theatre rooms and, of course, our fun community events. So, gear up and make your summers enjoyable and memorable without leaving the city or the comfort of your coliving in Gurgaon at Housr!

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